Passier Apollo Snaffle Bridle

Brand: Passier
Model #: Passier Apollo Snaffle Bridle
Item #: 8800


Passier Apollo Snaffle Bridle

The Apollo Snaffle with patent trimmings from the Basic Line and its Passier Caveson Special with an elegant noseband made of finest, shiny patent leather and flash strap ensure a stunningly glamorous look.

To match the shiny noseband, the snaffle also has an elegant, waved browband with strass crystals – naturally also made of patent leather. This snaffle bridle is extremely horse-friendly: The Passier Caveson Special and the head piece are softly lined, and the head strap of the noseband is firmly attached to the head piece of the snaffle which effectively reduces pressure on the horse's poll.

Features: Patent leather browband with strass crystals, lined head piece, Passier Caveson Special with noseband made of patent leather, either stainless steel or brass fittings, a choice of narrow web reins with hand grips and stops, laced reins, rubber reins or Eventa Rein® rubber reins.

Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full, Oversize

Colours: Black or Havana